In-Person Origami Workshkops

For individuals or small groups up to 15 people. With or without a special theme (Christmas decoration, action origami, modular origami, tessellations etc.). For mixed groups or specifically for beginners or for advanced folders.

Space requirements: a chair and around a half-meter of space on the table for each participant.

Price: 50 CHF for 60 minutes workshop for maximum of 5 people, +5 CHF for each other person (maximum 15 people). Material included.

Folding together with friends (Italian Origami Convention, 2019)
Finger Flowers

Workshops for Schools

Special workshops prepared for schools for whole or half-classes with special theme around geometry or art, depending on your needs and wishes. 

Online Origami Workshops

For up to 100 participants. Usually during such a workshop around two simple models or one advanced model is taught.