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I am Dáša – pronounced as Dasha (in English) or something like that ;)), I am a TEACHER but I also LOVE to LEARN. I tried to learn juggling when I was young and I failed miserably. YouTube didn’t exist back then and I didn’t know the right technique. Much later, in my thirties, I was motivated enough to try again. I found a good video tutorial, and this time it worked! 

Since then I believe that everything can be learned when we have the right mindset, motivation, and the method -> it can be a book, a video, an online course, or an inspirational teacher. Being a teacher myself, finding a way to show/explain things in a clear manner was always my main priority and interest. 

I come from Slovakia, where I worked for 7 years as a math, informatics, and biology teacher at a school for gifted children. For the last 14 years, I’ve been living in Geneva with my family. I am a mother of two tall youngsters. I love to make things myself – I am a passionate origamist, jewelry maker, and knitter. I’ve been always attracted to learning traditional techniques (like basket weaving, paper making, baking with sourdough, etc.).

I love languages as they allow us to communicate. I love talking with people and learning from them. I speak Slovak and Czech, English, and French. Don’t hesitate to write me in any of them. 
I enjoy solving problems and finding creative solutions (hands-on, like repairing things, but also virtual). In the last years, I got a chance to work on several ORIGAMI BOOKS which deepened my passion for the book making process. And through books it was just a step into GRAPHIC DESIGN. 

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