In the last 2 years I finally understood where my heart is pushing me -> toward graphic design. So far, I specialize in preparing publications for print. Majority of my projects were books published through KDP (Print-On-Demand service) by Amazon. In last two years I worked on several projects around brand identity – creating logos and other brand visuals.

I am in a constant process of deepening my knowledge about Graphic Design: I finished UI/UX Design Specialization given by CalArts on Coursera, and almost finished their Graphic Design Specialization (finished first 4 courses so far). I enjoyed tremendously a course about Creative Coding in JavaScript given by Bruno Imbrizi on Domestika.

Javascript creative coding
Illustration made in JavaScript

Origami Diagrams

I specialize in making origami diagrams. During the years I developed quite an unique style showing 3D steps as they look in reality. Many of my diagrams were published in origami convention books and collections, some were published in books.

Origami Books

After I published my book several people have asked me to draw diagrams for their books. Since 2018 when Origami Journey was published I worked on 4 more books. I currently work on book with Alessandra Lamio and another one with Ilan Garibi.

Origami Modulars by Ilan Garibi


Pears, Illustration study made for Coursera Graphic Design Specialization by CalArt